Saturday, July 14, 2018

Debunking My Notion of Reincarnation

Actually, since a baby in the womb would have a unique brain his experience of awareness would be unique, not simply a recurrence of something from a previous life.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Settling as a Hypothesis of Mind

Thinking and Imagining

There are two types of thinking: thinking according to routes and thinking according to labels. Thinking according to routes requires an order of operations to reach completion before a realization occurs. A realization is a kind of balanced equation in which the sum of the thoughts reaches a satisfaction or resolution in which no more knowledge is needed for the seeking mind to settle. An example of this would be getting directions then realizing that no more details are needed for the directions to be completed.

Thinking according to labels occurs when the mind settles on the proper label for each subjective experience. If my mind is searching for the verb “hitches” as in “The farmer hitches his mule to a plow” my mind will not settle until I have reached the right verb to complete the sentence. It is possible in both cases for the mind to mis-settle on a wrong route or a wrong label.

Imagining also requires that the mind settle on an appropriate image that satisfies the pictorial demands of a scene.

Since the mind wants to settle it is always seeking out these resolutions.

An alternate interpretation might be that the mind simply seeks stimulation. But this is too simple. The mind seeks stimulation first, then gets pulled into activity, from which point it seeks resolution or settling. If the mind only seeks stimulation it would never develop. Primitive man had to understand his surroundings before he could feel at ease in them. In this case the goal was to feel at ease so work could be done. Our own seeking of settlement is merely a pantomime of those earlier times because in many cases our lives no longer depend on thinking.

The goal of freedom--both freedom from want and freedom to do what you want--is to acquire earned comfort, which takes the form of release either in sex or eating or drug use or whatever. Settlement is reached in each of these activities. The ascent to settlement is pleasurable.

So if the ascent to settlement is pleasurable (as in orgasm) that is called pleasure. Whereas a general sense of proper settlement is called satisfaction. Love is a pleasure that remains a wish. As the longing for love is satisfied the wish for love increases.

As Hegel notes, thoughts are brought about by an unhappy thirst. The act of imagining is pleasurable, but thinking, on a hard analytical level is not and merely offers the possible promise of settlement. The maker of the spearpoint cannot celebrate until the spearpoint is finished.

Joel Fry

Sunday, June 17, 2018

New Hypothesis For Reincarnation

Earlier I said that there is a core of awareness which is called baseline awareness (which is the calm state I return to after anger, sadness or excitement) and that the recurrence of this state ensures that I will live again after I die—meaning that if a baby in the womb develops this state of awareness after my death I am that state therefore I am that baby, because that state of awareness gives rise to all other states of awareness. This is reincarnation by means of essence. (See "Argument For Reincarnation below.")

However, if I slip into a coma for a year and all of my body parts replaced and I later awaken from that coma I am still a continuation of what I was before the coma. This means that reincarnation would occur simply by virtue of the continued survival of the human species and would be Inevitable. This is reincarnation by means of physical form. The two avenues for which rein carnation can occur are by essence and by form. Since reincarnation would necessarily occur in both cases reincarnation necessarily occurs. A Baby in the womb is slowly assembled bit by bit. 

If I hear five guitarists play five b flat notes at the same time and all five guitars are in tune at first I will hear five separate guitars. But after the sound resolves I will hear only one note. Likewise five individuals who died could be instantiated in the same infant because they would all have the same starting point and would exist as a single individual. Or you could say at this point there is no self.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Argument For Reincarnation

Baseline awareness is the calm state I return to after anger, sadness or excitement. The recurrence of baseline awareness guarantees that I will live again after I die. This is the seed from which awareness arises. If an infant in the womb has the same baseline awareness I had when I was alive in a previous life that infant is me because I was that awareness, at least in seed form. This seed gives rise to all of my awareness. 
Baseline awareness can cease to exist then come back into existence. Consciousness occurs to awareness. Thoughts occur to awareness. It occurs to me it’s Sunday. Consciousness is not awareness.
A person calms down to the same state again and again. Baseline awareness has been bred into us by evolution. One must return to a calm state to fashion tools and spearpoints. There is a difference between a brain state and a mental state. As with a computer you can get four different computers to run the same software. This is analogous to four different brains producing the same four subjective mental states.
Processes have different ontologies from things. You cannot step into the same river twice, but the same process that carried your horse downstream ten minutes ago will now carry you downstream. Awareness is a process, not a thing.
Just as I am a continuation of what I was before I slipped into a coma (even if my consciousness or awareness has changed) I am a continuation of what I was in a previous life. As long as certain parameters of my basic awareness are the same as what I was in a previous life, I am a continuation of that person. 
The bass line of this song is the bass line of that song and that song and that song. So the drone note is a reminder of Samsara.
It may be that there are different types of baseline awarenesses or different groupings of baseline awarenesses. 
For an argument for the soul see my blog Susurrus Waking.
Joel Fry

Monday, June 4, 2018


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Joel Fry

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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How Getting a High Score on an IQ Test Can Damage Your Career as a Student

I went to college knowing I had an IQ of 125, thinking I could become a scientist. How utterly mistaken I was! I have almost no mathematical ability. Now I ask you, how good is this test and how many anecdotal refutals of it are needed to be meaningful?

Indeed, I've spoken to someone else who has an IQ of 155 who also struggled with math. So how is the number meaningful if it is so vague?