Monday, December 30, 2013

Copy of a Letter

Dear Reader, 

Here is a copy of a letter I recently wrote.

Dr. Moore,

Thank you for the thoughtful Letter.  I understand that times are hard these days.  We must all remember that no matter what else that we know who we love.  What we love changes from time to time as we change our wishes, but if we aren't careful and of a strong will our wishes can change us.  This is the problem with the American dream.  We tend to follow a wish, which is the third tier of our minds, and that is the inverse of the proper order, but we know who we love.  We must set that in our hearts and reconcile ourselves to them as often as needed, and live close to home.  If someone we love dies, it is bitter anguish, but it is not physical pain unless we make it so.  We can live through it, and must for the sake of others.  If you feel that this is a worthwhile message, please spread it.  

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Point

In mathematics, a point is never an area because a particle is never a wave.  A point is a place in both time-space and energy-space.  If a point expands to an area, it ceases to be a point, and the place it was is not the place it becomes.  A point is never held to nothing.  In order for a point to exist it must be held to an energy state.

Time Jumping

As the gradient of energy-space filters through the field of time one discovers that it is not only possible to jump from place to place via a black hole it is possible to jump from energy level to energy level using mind travel, so that the mind oscillates from one energy threshold to the next (or even to a parallel one) without one changing his time-space position.  A straight line is the shortest stretch of duration between two events.  Two events may be defined as either two time-space occurrences or two energy-space occurrences.    

Friday, December 27, 2013

Odds and Ends

Electrocusive: Tending to electrocute.  The speech was electrocusive.