Monday, March 10, 2014

Such a Bright Future (Poem)

Such A Bright Future

If freedom means anything
it means one thing.  Be free from want, then
do what you want.  Eat the sour grapes
before you try the sweet ones.  Do you really want them
on second thought?  There is a method
to gauge pain.  The cause of death is easily
determined, but rarely is the cause of life known.
I still can’t figure why I’m overeating.  There’s a
statistical mean, I’m sure, a dictum demarcating
appetite, but you can eat what you want.
You were born to graze the plenty of the plow.
There’s a theory as to where money comes from,
but few comprehend the circulation, which
is impossible to regulate, giant cobra sunning
where it pleases.  The good news
is I am vanishing into a fragrance only God
can smell.  Reserved inside me is the wood
smoke of every fire I’ve built from a single
moment, the brush fire, crackle and hiss,
my place in a flurry of ashes—mine,
treasure and secret store that transcends
the elements of rain and sunlight and
darkness, cutting life to a curl, I burn
myself becoming praise, gratitude,
heartbeat inside a hidden hand.

Joel Fry 

(Published in Relief: A Christian Literary Expression.)

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