Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Planes of Existence (an unfinished fragment)

First, there are four variables which interact to provide the four time-specific planes:

1.) Here
2.) There
3.) Now
4.) Then

I define the four terms above as follows: Here--At the location of my own local self, present to the faculties of touch.  There--Beyond the faculties of my own local self.  Beyond the faculties of touch.  Now--Occurring concurrently with my eyesight.  Then--Not occurring concurrently with my eyesight.

Four positions emerge from these four variables:

1.) Here now, there then.
2.) Here now, there now.
3.) Here then, there now.
4.) Here then, there then.

In our everyday existence we experience and inhabit a world that is here now, there now.  That is, we define the present as being the time in which events occur to us and for us.  Events which occur beyond us are occurring (if they are relatively close to us) in the present as well.  This is to say that the world is present in its occurrence.  If we see a squirrel leap onto a tree ten feet away that squirrel's existence is now along with ours.  The larger world far beyond us as well as the universe far beyond us may be said to be occurring then.  A star on the other side of the universe is burning now, but I cannot observe its burning concurrent with my present state, so its burning is then when I see it burn.  Note that "then" merely denotes a time other than my present.  Then can denote either a future or a past.

What is much harder to imagine is a reality in which I inhabit and experience then rather than now.  In such a state everything within my local self (my body as well as my perception of touch) would be occurring in a time other than my experience of the present.  I would be wholly out of sink with the universe.  In one reality, the universe would occur before my apprehension.  In another reality the universe would follow my apprehension.  This may bring to mind certain drug experiences.

But what would I make of a reality in which here is occurring then?  Such is the case in the third and forth possibility.  Generally here is now, but if here were then and there were now my vision would be concurrent with something beyond myself, but not with myself.  My local self would be out of step with what I beheld to be presently occurring.  However, if the forth possibility (here then, there then) were the experienced reality, there would have to be a third level of existence which were experiencing the present time.

As I move from here to there I move from now to then.  Otherwise as I move from here to there I move from then to now.  If my speed increases does my movement from now to then or from then to now increase?

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