Thursday, October 9, 2014

Free Will

Can we please get rid of the Either/Or model of human existence and replace it with the continuum model, so that we don't have to be either black or white, Republican or Democrat, gay or straight, free or not free. This last one urks the hell out of me. Even intelligent people talk about free will as if it either exists or doesn't. Well, I'm on a continuum, meaning I'm not a zero or one. I'm free in some respects and not free in others. I've progressed since infancy. The fact that I'm more free now than I was then means that I am in fact free in some respects. I feel like the Calvinists are to blame for the whole free or not free bit. The fact that "liberated" (as in "have been liberated") is a valid, serious word in the lexicon means that it is a valid, serious concept.

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