Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Could This Mean Anything? (Physics)

If I had four values, then used this method to determine a solution, then divided that solution by four, would there be any case in which that one last solution, that value, would be a common attribute of the four variables I used in the original problem?  Maybe if there were four quantities somehow attributed to the four fundamental forces of existence, the end result would tell us something that was common to each force.

A Soap Opera (poem)

A Soap Opera
When Jim noticed his wife’s face,
straight as a stripper and hotter
than down in July, he committed
to a cloister.
He was still in his navel
when his wife met him again.
She was dressed in soot
and trotting like a primrose.
But the crust in his eyes
started to flake, and he couldn’t
see the ocean through his window.
Then his wife’s Samsonite
gave way, and she started to slap him.
But a man named Hillock
walked into their room.
(His hair was curly, of course.)

By this time his wife was back in Dallas.
She knew he’d never sell the house.

Joel Fry

Love as Vocation

You can do just about anything you want to do, if only you have enough time.  We work long and hard in America.  Maybe if we could work less we could achieve more (unless you are already doing what you love).  The younger generation should prepare for having more free time and make that time for themselves by earning it.  If I give money to a needy person I free myself from bonds.  This frees the mind from guilt and frees it to work at what I love.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Tank Cell

A tank cell would be a microorganism that has a segmented cell wall with a cell membrane as the inner lining of the wall so the protoplasm could not escape through the cracks.  The pieces of cell wall would look like broken pottery.  It would roll from place to place like a tank absorbing sunlight to perform photosynthesis.  It would be a mobile plant cell.

An Psychology Experiment

Here's a good experiment: Take a person with an IQ of 60 and ask him to describe his favorite sound. Then ask him why he likes it. Do the same thing with other people, each 10 IQ points apart and compare the data. If you wish to do this I would like to be personally involved.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Metamodernism in Poetry

Metamodernism's greatest success is that it describes the land point blank rather than describe a map or a topographical description of a map. It's weakest point can sometimes be that it pans rather than delve. Panning can be great, but if everyone is panning the genera becomes homogeneous quickly. I'm not accusing anyone of shallowness. Shallowness tends to a lack of detail. Imagism is best at describing the land broken, "a heap of broken images." But I think it has a tendency to treat the unbroken land as if its broken. Is it easier for the knight errant who grew up in an atomized society (not to mention as a part of the state that protects that society) to become lost in an unbroken or broken land?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Consciousness Related to Goals

It is necessary at some point to determine whether animals or even humans have a goal in mind or not. If a human has a goal in mind, the outcome of his actions will be dependent on how clearly that goal is defined as well as how well the possibility of attaining it is perceived. Sparrows have very small brains, but in order for a sparrow to get from one tree to the next tree (if it sees the next tree) it must have some "idea" of where it is going. But it would make no evolutionary sense for a sparrow to retain an expansive memory of every place it had been all the previous day. That would be unnecessary information. But in the event that a sparrow flies from a branch and flies 300 yards away, I doubt it would have the mental ability to perceive the final outcome of its flight.