Thursday, April 14, 2016

Friends, happiness, etc.

My friend Ben Collins called me a few days ago.  He said they moved to a spot in Madison.  This is good news as he is closer to me than he used to be.  I try those I love.  I pull and try to get more traction, inviting them over when I can.  (I need to go see them more often.)  I do what I can, but I am still basically a hermit.

Another friend, Stephen Locke, just returned from a trip out west a few days ago.  He said he had a wonderful time.  He drove all the way from Athens, Alabama (our hometown) to California, so he can now say he crossed a continent the hard way.

I think often about an acquaintance who must remain nameless, who committed suicide about three years ago.  He was a good poet, and he helped me in one of my darkest hours (mania, not depression--I never get depressed anymore, just strung out on anxiety).  Anyway, I never met him in person, but we did exchange emails.  I remember once I told him I thought I was similar to a Neanderthal because (I thought) I have a large lower jaw.  Pssssst...  He heckled the hell out of me in his next email.  I guess I deserved it for laying the bullshit on him.  A few years later Geico came out with those annoying commercials about "the Geico caveman."  God, it's amazing how many people would probably not know what a Neanderthal is.  They had to call it a caveman in the commercials.

Happiness comes to us when we least expect it--unlike joy, which is earned or given as a boon.  Thus, the "hap" in "happiness" is the same root for "happenstance."  Most people don't know the difference.

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