Sunday, May 22, 2016


I find it interesting that the Buddha's teachings can often be successfully inverted. For instance, the Buddha taught that craving must be gotten rid of in order for one to attain enlightenment and insight into the nature of existence. But I could just as easily say, Because I crave I remember. Because I remember I recognize. Because I recognize I see. That is, I only recognize a pattern I remember (in a very broad sense) and I can only discern an object if I see it as being distinct from its surroundings. I may see a painting that has an image of a boat in it, but I may not recognize the boat in the painting. Therefore I will not "see" the boat in the painting, because I do not discern the boat as being distinct from its surroundings. Craving helps to cement memories of patterns. So craving helps one to awaken to reality. This is just the opposite of what the Buddha taught.

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