Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Free Will, a Work in Progress

We have free will in our thoughts, but not usually in our actions. If I behold five choices for my actions, I will usually take the option that seems best. Yet, I can think and imagine anything I want or don't want to think or imagine. The fact that I can choose to think of something repugnant to me means I am free to think what I want or don't want without reason. Unless I am reasoning, no one thought is necessarily more reasonable than the next. I can imagine eating a biscuit or riding a horse, and in many cases one thought will not be preferable to the other. In the event that one is preferable to the other there may be many different ways of imagining the prefered option, none of them being intrinsically preferable to the others. This thinking without exact reason is the essence of free will, because reason implies a certain choice. Since my mind is not limited by reason, as my actions usually are, I have free will. I think, therefore I am.

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