Saturday, July 2, 2016

By Understanding

By Understanding

I am not the one who controls what’s happening.
I am the one who understands what’s happening.
And by understanding I live.  My eyes pursue
my shadow.  I bewilder myself.  The city flattens 
its tone of voice, the fury of its traffic, 
the never-ending breath of commerce.  I feel
the day unhinge me and play me like my own
familiar misery.  Piece by piece trees shelter
my yard from the sunlight I interpret with a glance.
Something reads me.  Something in me 
comprehends the light dying low like a simmering
pot.  I hear this world roam.  I witness the delight
of my trembling hands.  The houses, muted in fog, 
silence the breeze.  No one else needs to know 
how the neighborhood ends in a rocky ditch, 
where sparrows come to flit and keep the woods 

Joel Fry

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