Sunday, July 10, 2016

Naievity, etc.

Once again I am reminded that I'm wearing rose glasses.  The murders by the police, then the murders of five police officers, has struck me.  I didn't think that such a thing was impossible, but recently I asked a question of Quora which said, basically, "Doesn't every healthy person want to be good?"  Here I am thinking everyone is like me.  Yet, I am a chain smoker, and this after having quit smoking for eight years.

When I lit back up a couple of years ago I thought I would be able to smoke just one without going back to the habit.  Wrong.  I was soon an addict again.  But when I think of "good" I think of altruism, not the caretaking of the body.  And I'm naive enough to think everyone wants to be altruistic.

But I'm not just naive.  I'm also gullible.  I have the natural propensity to believe what people tell me.  I have the tendency to take things at face value.  So naivety and gullibility are closely related.  Oddly, I think this makes me a good poet.  When reality crashes in it hurts, but it makes for great writing.


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