Thursday, September 8, 2016

Contemporary Poetry

The only poet I can think of who is worse than James Franco ( is either Seth Abramson or Kenneth Goldsmith.  Poetry has finally devolved to the depths of Picasso, aka "The Great Flattener."  Many poets are meanwhile trying to be Salvador Dali or M.C. Esher.  Unfortunately, there is little room for originality in poetry today.  Each journal has a house style they adhere to.  Poetry has painted itself into a corner.  In my new essay, which will be published in Eclectica in October (probably toward the end of October), I say that poetry must become more philosophical.  But I can't say more than that now.

If poets want to flatten poetry down to journalism, to make the same mess Picasso made of painting, I guess they'll have their way.  But I have a question: Is Shia Labeouf the only genius who can wear a paper bag over his head?  See, Seth Abramson brags about "introducing Shia Labeouf to Metamodernism."  But most Metamodern poetry I've read is rooted in superficiality and sub-informationalism.  The rest of us poets who don't believe in house style must carry on, lest the intelligent morons take over the ship completely.

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