Friday, October 7, 2016


I'm currently reading A History of God by Karen Armstrong.  One of the things that struck me right away was the story of how the Babylonian gods emerged from a divine pool.  A question arises from this: Did the gods emerge on their own or did the divine pool eject them from itself?  In a sense this is like the mind.  To what extent does a thought emerge from the mind vs. To what extent does the mind expel thoughts into being from itself?

I have read the chapters on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and I am now on the chapter entitled God of The Philosophers.  One of the things discussed is creation ex nihilo vs. emanation.  It seems unlikely that God would suddenly create the universe.  Yet ex nihilo creation also seems impossible.  If a cube of ice of ice has been eternally frozen and had never begun to be frozen it could never thaw because it could never reach a point at which it could thaw.  And yet, if a man had been seated for all of eternity he could get up at any time.  So God could suddenly create the universe, but why he would choose one moment over another is a mystery.  This all assumes that God always existed in time, which is not true.  Before the Big Bang there was no time.  And with that I stop.  

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