Sunday, October 23, 2016

On Losing My Faith in The American People

There is not a single person I hate, not one that I would wish anything bad upon.  However, I have lost my faith in the body politic of this nation.  Of course, some would say I'm naive to have ever trusted people to make the right decision in important matters, but if that's the case I don't really see it as a fault--an impediment to seeing things the way they are it might be, but it isn't a moral shortcoming.  Naivety, like gullibility, can lead one into thorns and thistles, but in itself it isn't really wrong.

But consider that the people have given us--themselves--this awful dichotomy: Hillary vs. Trump.  I will be voting for Hillary, because I don't think Trump has his head screwed on right.  Yes, Hillary is a cold, calculating criminal, but I think she has a better sense of boundaries than Trump.  In the primary I voted for Ted Cruz, the other Republican contender, because I thought it was the best way of combating Trump.  Oh well.  At least I wasn't part of the problem.

But what about me losing my faith in the people?  I haven't lost my love for them.  But at this point I simply don't trust them to even make the most obvious choices.  That's scary.  What about when I get old?  How will I be treated by society then?  Those are big questions, but as is often the case, things are not going to be in my hands.  Hospitals can be painful places.  I know.  I've endured some very painful moments in hospitals.  So what can I trust?  I'm a theist, but I don't trust God.  Maybe I have nothing to trust but myself, but he's let me down plenty of times.  I have no choice but to trust myself.

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