Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Consciousness of a Slug

In an attempt to finish a thought from yesterday: Imagine you were born a genius. You live the life of a genius. It is the only reality you know. Now imagine you came into this world a slug. It is the only life you know. I can fathom the life of the former, but not the latter. Which has the deeper mind? Which mind is more opaque?
This brings to mind Buddhism. My inability to fathom the consciousness of a slug, which probably has only three senses: touch, taste, and some rudimentary sight which only senses light but not color (I'm guessing)--allows me to have more compassion on the slug. The reason for this is deeply intuitive and not something I can explain in rational terms. Anyway, the Buddha would not have taught this, because the desired effect (increased compassion) depends on my ignorance of the slug's internal state of mind--which seems to be purely sensory. This dependence on ignorance runs counter to the ethos of Buddhism.

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