Friday, December 30, 2016

Culture and Race

Biological race is not the bottom of the cultural well.  Individual difference and similarity (with respect to others within the group and with outsiders) is.  Culture is analogous to gravity; whereas individual difference and similarity is analogous to quantum activity, though this analogy is not an exact match.  Somehow individual preference, temperament, and intelligence refracts through the prism of biological race into the culture at large.  
       Religion is an even higher layer than race, and while no religion fits any extant group the religions of the world reflect the values of the ancestors.  East Asian Muslims are much more peaceful than Arab, Persian, and Turkish Muslims.  Allah is an angry God who keeps his distance.  These two qualities—anger and distance—may have differential bearing on how the religion is practiced.  Because East Asian Muslims are less violent than Arab Muslims, East Asian Muslims are responding to a different aspect of Allah.  Also, we bomb the Middle East.   

Let me add that in the beginning of The Odyssey Homer says that the Ethiopians worship Poseidon and the Tanach says that the Ethiopians worship Yahweh, so apparently these Mediterranean cultures thought so highly of the Ethiopians that they imputed their cultures onto them.

Iliad 1.423-4 (Thetis is speaking to Achilles.)
Only yesterday Zeus went off to the Ocean River
to feast with the Aethiopians, loyal, lordly men,
and all of the gods went with him.

I would like to know what you think of this.

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