Saturday, December 31, 2016


Robert Frost said, “I’m against a homogenized society because I want the cream to rise.”  America is so popular because she exports her culture—music, literature, art, etc.  That culture is various.  The Japanese pay three times as much to go to school here.  We have sent three probes to Mars.  No other nation has sent even one.  Multiculturalism serves us well.  

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If I hand you a pitcher I don’t want you to get me some water.  “Some” is a needless and vague complication.  I want you to get me water.  It may be the case that in a simpler language, like a click language, I would simply say, “Get me water.”  Each language has its own qualia, and, as such, no language can ever be truly replaced.  It may be that clicks in a click language are a kind of punctual spacing between words or within phrases.  English does not have a word that means “the desire to be good”—not exactly anyway.  Though clearly we have that yearning.  The limits of language are not the limits of the mind.  As Wallace Stevens said, “The eye is larger than the mind.”   

IQ is not a great predictor of success.  I have two friends who both have IQs in the 130 range and they both work menial jobs and have never left Athens.  Michio Kaku also has made this claim.  If intelligence is the ability to acquire wisdom and practical skills then it has not been fathomed—not even close.

Does an increase in intelligence mean an increase in awareness?  No.  Does an increase in awareness mean an increase in intelligence?  Actually, it would mean an increase in the manner in which intelligence is implemented.  If I am drunk when I take an IQ test I will do poorly.  But it would also alter the way in which intelligence is implemented.  But intelligence is not the same as wisdom, and wisdom cannot be quantified, nor can awareness.

I want you to respond to this.

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Joel Fry

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