Saturday, December 31, 2016

Relativity: Two Analogies

If you are traveling at 100,000 miles per hour light passes you at the same speed as if you were standing still.  No number approaches infinity.  100,000 is no closer to infinity than one.  Light is considered the speed limit of the universe.  Time ceases to elapse at the speed of light.  Light is eternal.  Therefore the speed of light, which is a finite number, is a practical infinity.

If line X intersects with line Y, as on an X-Y axis graph and line X approaches line Y, as soon as line X is concurrent with line Y at more than one point it is concurrent at an infinite number of points.  Thus, by this analogy light continues to pass a traveling object at the same constant rate no matter how fast the object goes--until the moment that object travels at the speed of light.

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