Friday, February 3, 2017

After Trump's Speech

I haven't read what Trump actually said. For me there's a lot of conflict. We have Trump in office on the right with their goons and masses on the left who are ready and willing to riot and go to great collective lengths to stomp out freedom of speech. Clearly there is sanity, but those of us who are sane--in the middle--aren't caustic enough to get any air time. And the pendulum swings longer and wider.

Dr. King said, "The arc of history is long but it bends toward Justice." --And since the Christianization of Rome that has been the case, with some terrifying hitches. The church stopped the mass crucifixions and the gladiator games. Then, unfortunately, slavery became widespread in Europe and the Western Hemisphere. Then it was outlawed in Europe first, then here then in the rest of the Western Hemisphere. Then there were women's rights and the rights of minorities. Then we defeated the Nazis. Then came the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Then gay rights. And since WWII wartime deaths have been on the decline. So the Great Movement of history has been Justice. But you can notice the huge backlashes in history--slavery and the activity of the Axis Powers, each of which were convinced they were superior races.

When a nation is built on a constant struggle for Justice and Justice is actually achieved people become restless. Enter the "Social Justice" movement, which is nothing if not an outright effort to silent dissent. These people are Miniver Chevys. So we get what we have today--a decadent nation that cannot see beyond its borders, a nation that hasn't got the fortitude to tolerate any of the founding principles. The blind elect their kind as President. The choice was between postured and unpostured blindness. There is nothing more to protest but our own downfall.

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