Monday, February 6, 2017

Reincarnation (revised)

All one-day-old babies have the same baseline consciousness--the same instincts, the same awareness, and the same ignorance (I'm not talking about potential, which is irrelevant at this point). Therefore the baby that was born today is the same baby that was born a thousand years ago. No matter how much you change you can only become yourself. No matter how many times you step into the Tennessee river it is still the Tennessee River because of its specific geographical location. Obviously twins aren't the same person, and if one twin dies he doesn't jump into the other twin's body, because a body can only house one person's consciousness (usually, I think). I'm not talking about anything spooky here. I'm saying that if a baby is born who is exactly like a baby from a thousand years ago those babies are one and the same. Think about this. If you have to come back to the world you've left behind you're much more likely to take care of it. Oh, and then there's the multiverse, and these science shows are always saying there's another me in another universe. Now I know how.