Friday, September 29, 2017


I just want to say that I do believe humans have souls.  I have seen at least one image--a horn hung between two fires--that I think is from the akashic records.  It felt like an ancient image.  But I am not sure of disembodied consciousness.

It may be that the essence is consciousness, or that it enables consciousness to exist in a disembodied form.  Here's an argument for the essence: There cannot be an infinite series of conditioned realities.  A conditioned reality is a reality which is dependent on other things (component parts) for its existence.  A hydrogen atom is a conditioned reality, because protons and electrons must exist for hydrogen atoms to exist.  Each component layer--molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, etc.--is a conditioned reality.  Since each layer is completely dependent on the layer beneath it there must be an unconditioned reality--a reality which has no component parts--for the same reason that an infinite series of zeroes does not add up to one.  This debunks materialism, because the essence (unconditioned reality) is not a material form of reality, since all material forms of reality are made of component parts.  And since this essence actively sustains the cosmos, it is God.


I'm bipolar (I) and I was able to include a comment in response to a complaint about microaggressions today.  I said people should not expect the world to change for them, but should develop an internal locus of control.  Several other disabled people actually upvoted the comment.  I was surprised and gratified.

People don't understand that if you make just two changes you can improve your life drastically.  First, take responsibility for your actions.  This puts your life in your hands.  Second, (and this is kind of a panacea) stop caring so much.  Life will hurt a lot less.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


One purpose of eugenics is to create a ruling class that was born to rule. Since eugenics would not be enforced by a rigid worldwide mandate (let's hope!) it would create a ruling class and a ruling society. This would create extreme hopelessness among the ruled and would grant license to the rulers. In the past the only thing that made this bearable was the obvious flaws in the system, so that the commoners could laugh at the stupid king. Likewise, the only thing that would make it unbearable would be its flawlessness.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Marcus Aurelius wrote an excellent book about 1,800 years ago called Meditations.  It is compiled from notes addressed to himself.  In it he describes his stoic philosophy, how it takes a kind of middle path between (for instance) being an overly social person and a recluse.  In it he says a person who is wholly good would not regret missing pleasure and concludes that pleasure is therefore neither beneficial nor good.  I disagree with this, thinking that pleasure is the only thing that makes life worth living.  But as someone great once said, "Happiness is remembered, not experienced."  Thus, happiness comes from remembering times we now consider good.

An English professor once told us to read the ancient texts, and that is what I am doing now.  I have already read a good many of them: The Odyssey, The Tao Te Ching, The Bible, some of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, and others.  I already imbibe enough of this world.  I want to travel back in time.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Greatest Good

I keep trying to decide what the greatest good is.  I used to think it was love.  Then I thought it was freedom.  Now I think the answer is in the Hindu tradition.  To dissolve into the highest experience is love and freedom.  It is love because it fulfills.  It is freedom because it breaks chains of bondage (in my experience, temporarily).  To be absorbed by something completely is the greatest thing.

On day I was sitting on my bed when I began to hear a jet passing overhead.  The sound entered me at the top and moved down into my chest and then into my lower parts.  This experience was like nothing I had ever felt before.  The only thing I could compare it to was the eeriness that comes from watching "A Warm Place" by Nine Inch Nails.  It totally opened me up.  I was completely absorbed by the sound.  I dissolved into it.

I have felt nirvana before.  This was a more moving feeling.  I wasn't just liberated.  I was opened.  I blossomed.